Effortless Mind Meditation

Chakra Meditations – Level 2 & 3

The chakras represent one of the great spiritual mysteries of the Tantric traditions of India. There is literally no limit to how deeply you can explore the mysteries of the chakras. In the Shanti membership, I taught a basic but powerful chakra meditation using the bija mantras. Be sure to master that chakra meditation before using the chakra meditations here. Start with chakra meditation level 2 and then move to chakra meditation level 3. Then you can learn vertical chakra breathing and horizontal chakra breathing to accelerate your progress.

All chakra meditations are devoted to opening and clearing these key centers of spiritual energy and consciousness. These more advanced meditations will help you do so more quickly. You will find they are more intensive. They coordinate the breath, mantras, and yantras to take you deeper and accelerate your progress. Enjoy!

Om shanti, shanti, shantihi…

In the next level of chakra meditation, we’re adding the yantras to the meditation. Yantras are mystical diagrams that visually convey a higher, divine vibration of energy that is specifically related to each chakra and to the bija mantra for each chakra. By gently and effortlessly visualizing the yantra at each chakra, your meditation will be greatly empowered.

Let’s take a moment to consider what gently and effortlessly visualizing the symbols means. For some visually oriented people, inner visualization is effortless right from the start, but we all have the capacity for this; it just requires attention and practice. First, it’s so important to maintain ease. Never strain. However, a focused attention in this case of inner visualization is needed. But remember that the images of the yantras are subtle. Think of them not as gross images in the world, but subtle astral images, translucent, even transparent, but beautiful and exquisite.

In truth, yantras and the lotuses of the chakras are energy patterns. Use your imagination to make them beautiful in appearance. Enjoy the image as if you’re savoring something very special, which they are. Yet don’t force or strain. Just focus and let come what comes. But have the intention that the image come to you with some clarity. So you may find it effective to focus on seeing the yantra, and then relaxing into it. This alternation may be effective for you. In any case, visualizing the yantra with ease will engage more of your brain in the meditation (the visual aspect of your brain) and so will increase the power and intensity of the wholeness of inner awareness. This is the real utility of adding the yantra to the meditation.

A final note: The yantras for each chakra vary from tradition to tradition. The yantras I use here are adapted from traditional Tantric sources and have been time tested by many yogis to be effective tools to enhance your meditation.



Advanced Chakra Meditations