Effortless Mind Meditation

Our mission

The goal of Effortless Mind mediation is to uplift world consciousness.

The big question

I have often asked myself, how can we reduce the suffering in the world? To some this may seem naively idealistic, but seeing the endless suffering in the world, it is an urgent question. Countless organizations work in their own way to address the world’s suffering, and this is so critical. We donate 10 percent of the gross revenue generated by this site to such charities.*  Yet for me, my primary mission is simple: Bring deep, transformative meditation to as many people as possible. 

Each person has within them unbounded pure creative intelligence, pure love, and absolute bliss. This is no exaggeration. You can realize this in your own experience and put an end to suffering in your life. It is the way to literally enjoy heaven on earth. Even taking a few steps towards this goal brings joy to living. I feel blessed that I’ve had enlightened teachers who have made this a practical goal that anyone can achieve through the techniques on this site.

How this site fits in

This website presents a unique vision of living all possibilities through meditation. It offers an unparalleled program of meditation instruction at all levels, from a beginner’s first sitting, to detailed instruction in the most advanced, esoteric meditation practices explored by India’s yogis throughout the millennia. The knowledge and techniques on this site are the culmination of over 50 years of dedicated study with several enlightened masters. It is fair to say that never before has such in-depth instruction in meditation been offered in one place, especially not online. You choose where to start and how far you want to go.

To really have an impact on the world, meditation must be available to all. For this reason, we’ve made instruction in profound beginning and intermediate meditation practices available for a nominal fee through the Shanti membership. You can join for a month for just $21 and learn Effortless Mind 1 and much more. (Annual membership is about $11.25/month.) This is a complete course that will give everyone the ability to meditate deeply, each and every sitting, and gain all the benefits of meditation you’ve likely heard about. Advanced courses and advanced memberships (Jnana and Siddha) are offered on a sliding scale for those in need or who live in countries with economies dramatically different than the US. (If you fall into one of those categories and want to take an advanced course or join an advanced membership, contact me.)

May you realize the divine universal Self within you and live your fullest potential.

With gratitude for the wisdom and compassion of my teachers and all the enlightened before them.


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* As of January 1, 2024, to Amma’s Global Charities.