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Your potential is unbounded. You have the capacity for inexpressible joy, creativity, intelligence, energy, peace, and love. Also, profound intuition and perhaps even siddhis or yogic abilities. Throughout the centuries, in many different cultures around the world, meditation has been the tool of choice to unfold higher human potential.

That said, each of us is unique. You have your own personal reasons for seeking instruction in meditation. I want to help you achieve your unique goals.

So please use this page to start your meditation journey. On this site, I offer meditation instruction at all levels of expertise, to achieve various goals. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on this page, please feel free to send me an email and let me know what brought you here.

I’m new to meditation, and I want…

The basic benefits of meditation

Deep relaxation + Dissolve stress + Mental clarity + Greater energy + Improved health + Reduced anxiety and/or depression + Better sleep
I don’t have much time to practice, and I’d be delighted with these benefits. I’m not looking for anything else from meditation.

The basic benefits of meditation and more

I want the basic benefits of meditation now, but I want to expand and deepen my practice over time. I will make meditation a priority and am interested in unfolding more of my potential–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

I’m an experienced meditator, and I want…

To learn advanced practices to deepen and expand my meditation

I’ve been practicing meditation for years and meditation is a priority in my life. I know there is more to be learned and experienced, and I’m excited to explore the possibilities.

To develop my intuition, psychic abilities/siddhis, and power of manifestation

I know that human potential is unlimited and meditation is the path to unlocking all possibilities. I have heard of the yogic siddhis and am intrigued, or I believe in the power of manifestation and would like to master it.

An exciting spiritual journey to India

I’ve been practicing meditation for some time and meditation is important to me. I enjoy meditation retreats. I really want to experience the spiritual culture and natural beauty of India’s Himalayas.

To learn to teach meditation

I’ve been practicing meditation for some time, and I would like to be able to share the gift of meditation with others as a teacher.