Effortless Mind Meditation


Learn to Meditate Effortlessly, Achieve Deep Peace, and Reverse the Harmful Effects of Aging

How often do you feel at your very best? Probably not as often as you’d like. Each of us has the capacity for inexpressible joy, creativity, intelligence, energy, and love. We have so much potential, but we need to learn how to connect with it. That is what meditation is, a tool for connecting with and unfolding your true potential. Meditation has been my life’s passion. I’ve traveled the world studying, practicing, and teaching meditation since 1970. This site is dedicated to give you the best that I’ve gained, the best instruction that makes every meditation effortless and profound.

 Because the instruction is online, you can receive the teaching, follow-up, and guided meditations for a whole year for less than I charged for a single live course a decade ago.
Please feel free to try it. You have nothing to lose, because Shanti meditation membership comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

And Shanti includes much more than meditation instruction. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can explore living all possibilities through meditation, with guided meditations on:

  • The chakras
  • Abundance
  • Loving kindness
  • Energetic protection
  • Bliss and health
  • And more

YES, I want to start living my joyful, creative, loving potential today.

Personal message from Ajayan Borys

Dear fellow seeker,

Perhaps you’ve taken a meditation course before and felt discouraged. Maybe your yoga instructor led a meditation and you wondered, “Is this it?” That’s okay. You no longer have to wonder. The instruction on my membership site will give you the experience of deep meditation. You’ll have the tools you’ll need to achieve peace and deep relaxation anytime, anywhere. 
Infinity is within you. Infinite bliss, energy, creativity, intelligence, and love. Pure peace. In fact, this is your nature. This is not a platitude or cliche. It is real. Perhaps you have glimpsed this in your highest moments. Why not live it always? 

Right from your first sitting, you will begin to experience the many practical benefits of meditation: deep relaxation, reduced depression and anxiety, increased vitality and mental clarity, improved health, normalized blood pressure, and more. And did you know, a growing body of research is demonstrating that meditation slows, and even reverses the harmful effects of stress and aging.
The meditation you will learn, Effortless Mind, is unique. There is no trying, no frustrating attempts to “clear the mind of thoughts.” In fact, the deepest meditation is completely effortless and natural. Anyone can do it. Most are amazed at how easy it is.


One other thing. You know what my biggest desire is? To not only teach you this meditation, but to give you ongoing, in-depth instruction and support that will keep your meditation on track, and keep the benefits growing in your life month after month. That is really why I created this membership site. My own personal, life-long seeking means little if it is only for myself. This site is for you.

Are you ready to learn deep meditation that will transform your health and vitality? Ready to learn tools for personal growth and anti-aging you’ll have for the rest of your life? In a few short weeks, you’ll look back and won’t believe how much better you feel, and how easy it was to learn. What’s more, you’ll look forward to meditating every day.



PS. As you’ll see if you explore this site, there are several levels of membership. Shanti is for you if you are relatively new to meditation and want all the practical benefits of meditation I mention above. Ananda is for you if you have been meditating, are already experiencing the benefits of meditation, and desire the most effective techniques to go deeper and realize your higher Self. In addition to these membership levels, I offer other advanced courses and retreats. There are even membership levels that you can join after taking some of the advanced courses–if you want to. You can simply enjoy deep meditation and its benefits that you’ll get in Shanti, or take Effortless Mind as far as you like, and each and every course is based on the same principle of effortlessness.

The Secrets of Effective, Deep Meditation

There are many misconceptions about meditation that would lead you to believe meditation is difficult and takes years to master. Not true! I’ve taught meditation since 1973 to thousands of students around the world; you can have deep, profound meditations from the very first sitting.

There are three critical secrets to deep meditation. Once you understand them, you will effortlessly gain the depths of meditation:

These three secrets open and transform the experience of meditation.

Effortless Mind meditation will give you a systematic approach to meditation based on these secrets. You’ll learn to transcend into a deep state of peace, stillness, and calm that is entirely free from stress. And you’ll feel the benefits from the first sitting.

You’ll also learn the underlying mechanics of meditation, so you know what you’re doing and can meditate with confidence. In addition, you will learn ancient techniques for activating and toning your energetic body—the subtle layer of your being that is pure energy. As you activate and open the flow of subtle energy, your meditation will open exponentially. These techniques were the secret of India’s yogis for centuries. There’s no reason why we can’t use them too.

Transform Your Life in a Few Weeks

Within a few weeks, you won’t believe how good you feel. Anxiety and stress will be a thing of the past. You will enjoy a new you, and a life of greater energy, health, and balance.

Don’t Take My Word for It

Marsha Holden
Household Engineer

“From my first meditation with Ajayan I experienced an ecstasy that is simply indescribable. This meditation is so sublimely natural and effortless. I never dreamed it could be like this. The words that came to my mind were, ‘Eureka! This is it! This is what I’ve been searching for!’ Thank you!”

Marvel Galvin praises Effortless Mind meditation.

Marvel Galvin
Massage Therapist and Long-Time Meditator

“Effortless Mind meditation has brought me such a deep sense of peace and well-being. It has transformed my way of being in the world, affecting all aspects of my life in a positive way. I have taken several classes from Ajayan. He is a superb teacher, with an easy and accessible manner that reflects his complete mastery of this beautifully simple technique. I highly recommend Effortless Mind to anyone.”

Jim Hesketh
Marketing Management

“I took the Effortless Mind meditation course from Ajayan and practice it daily. From my first instruction, I was amazed at the sense of wellbeing and stillness I felt. I am so grateful for this program. I encourage anyone looking for a meditation practice to open the door to Pure Awareness through Effortless Mind meditation.”

Shanti membership

$19 monthly, or $135 yearly (only $11.25/mo)