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Meditation Teacher Certification

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Then consider this exclusive, live, online, one-on-one Meditation Teacher Training Program with Ajayan. Since 1970 he has traveled India and the world exploring and teaching meditation. He is the founder of Effortless Mind meditation and author of Whispers of the Himalaya and  Effortless Mind: Meditation with Ease. Over the last 50 years, he has taught meditation to well over 10,000 people around the globe and is widely considered a consummate meditation instructor. Enjoy the benefit of direct, one-on-one mentoring with Ajayan, as has been the tradition in India for millennia–because that is the most personalized, precise, and effective way to learn. You will emerge not only an expert meditator, but uniquely qualified to teach profound meditation practices. There is no comparable program offered anywhere in the West today.

Effortless Mind Teacher Training with Ajayan.

Meditation Teacher Training Course Structure

  • 200 hours of self-study of 12 modules (Ajayan’s books, manual, and access to online videos and audios provided) over a minimum of 24 weeks.
  • 12 Zoom (or in-person if you travel to him) sessions with Ajayan. Sessions normally last approximately 2 hours. The last session may go up to 3 hours as needed.
  • 5 days in residence at a personal meditation retreat with Ajayan on San Juan Island. (Included in the cost of Teacher Training.)
  • Verbal quizzes to demonstrate competency.
  • Maintain log of your own daily meditation experiences. These will be regularly reviewed by Ajayan. In the Zoom calls, Ajayan will give you personalized guidance in your individual practice.
  • Practice teaching sessions (You will teach a minimum of 3 and max of 5 separate sessions, record each session, and send them to be reviewed by Ajayan, who will give you feedback).
  • You will not only learn to guide people in meditation, but to thoroughly explain all the underlying principles and mechanics of meditation, so that your students will also become self-sufficient, expert meditators.
  • After you graduate, you will have continued access to Ajayan to ask any question related to teaching meditation.

A graduation certificate will be awarded to those successfully completing the meditation teacher training course.

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Enrollment is open, as instruction is one-on-one. The course can be completed at your own pace (24 weeks is the minimum).

You will learn

Since 1970, Ajayan has explored India’s most effective forms of meditation, developing and offering classes to make these practices accessible to students worldwide. (See Ajayan’s Bio and Testimonials.) In this Meditation Teacher Training Course, he will personally train you in all aspects of teaching meditation. You will also have profoundly developed your own personal experience of meditation. And you’ll be able to give that to others.


This Meditation Teacher Training Course is open to anyone, but previous yoga and/or meditation experience with regular practice is expected.

How much does it cost?

$4900. The course fee includes all instruction and teaching materials: Ajayan’s books, the manual, access to online videos and audios, the 12 Zoom sessions with Ajayan, and ongoing personal access to Ajayan after you graduate.

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