Effortless Mind Meditation

Siddhis 2 course

Course structure

The Meditation Siddhis Course consists of 12 lessons (roughly 1-hour each) of recorded video instruction online. It is the first in a series of two siddhis courses. (See pricing, registration, and teacher bio below.)


Why these prerequisites? The siddhis as taught by Patanjali are a test of consciousness. The more expanded and clear your consciousness, the greater the success you’ll have with the siddhis. We want you to have the best possible experience, and these courses will help ensure that. The truth is, each of these prerequisite courses are wonderful and an end in themselves that you are sure to enjoy.

Note: If you are looking to learn to meditate, please see Start your meditation journey here to find the best meditation course to meet your needs.  Feel free to email me at ajayan@effortlessmindmeditation.com for more information.

What will I learn in the Siddhis 2 course?

The Siddhis 2 course takes off where the Siddhis 1 course ends (please see that page for more information). Siddhis are super-normal yogic powers, such as profound intuitive knowledge, precognition, divine senses, superhuman strength, etc. Essentially, the siddhis represent the yogic approach to manifesting your desires from the deepest, most powerful layers of consciousness. Siddhis are of different classifications. Some develop mental abilities whereas others develop more spectacular physical abilities. In the Siddhis 2 course, you will learn more advanced siddhis that require greater coordination between consciousness and the body itself. For instance, you will learn the yogic techniques for invisibility and levitation among others, as taught by Patanjali.

By opening the channels between consciousness and the body:

Ajayan is a true yogi and his teachings and coursework are a testament and insight into his practices and realizations in action; an unveiling into the hidden works of energy, body, and mind on a path to liberating from it all.  This training is advanced, technical, and most importantly effective and skillful, and builds from other trainings that he offers. Even though the training was online, using Zoom, Ajayan’s experience, delivery, enthusiasm to share, boiling the ocean down to precise explanations made the experience attractive, engaging, approachable, and rewarding.  I will take this training, and others from him again.  – Raj Patra, Yoga Teacher, Portland, OR