Effortless Mind Meditation


Here’s an overview of all of the courses. Click on a course to get more information. These courses are designed for a deep dive into specific aspects or methods of meditation, from beginner through advanced levels. You can even become a teacher of Effortless Mind meditation.


Description & prerequisites

This beginning mantra meditation is the foundation of all the other courses on the site. A perfect start for beginners to a deep, relaxing meditation practice. Learn to fall into meditation effortlessly, every time. So easy, anyone can do it! Standalone course or included in Shanti membership. No prerequisites.

Applies the principles of Effortless Mind 1 to a profound yet easy chakra meditation. Also includes instruction in practices to activate and tone the energetic body, which greatly deepen meditation. Only available in the Shanti membership. No prerequisites.

Over the centuries, India’s yogis developed practices aimed at activating and balancing the energies in the pranic or energetic body. These techniques open your experience to a much deeper level of meditation. This course instructs in the most important of these traditional practices. Only available in the Shanti membership. No prerequisites.

In their deep meditations, ancient yogis became intimately familiar with their subtle, energetic body. This includes direct experience of the chakras and nadis, subtle channels for the flow of prana-shakti. In this course, you learn a number of techniques to clear and open the chakras and nadis. The result is greater energy, clarity, subtlety of perception, and a vast acceleration of development in and out of meditation. No prerequisites, but it’s recommended you already have a regular meditation practice.

The Devas are the impulses of divine intelligence underlying all of the activity within the universe. In this course, you learn meditative techniques to attune yourself with these impulses of divine intelligence. In so doing, the intelligence of the universe supports all areas of your life, within and without. Your meditations deepen tremendously, and blessings begin to flow in all areas of your life.


Brahmajnana is the knowledge of Brahman, the knowledge that all is nothing but your Self–-one, homogenous, infinite, all-encompassing wholeness of consciousness. The sustained state of Brahmajnana is enlightenment. So this course is for those dedicated to gaining enlightenment in this lifetime. It directly cultivates the nervous system to support realization of Brahman consciousness.


Siddhis are super-normal yogic powers, such as profound intuitive knowledge, precognition, divine senses, superhuman strength, etc. Essentially, the siddhis represent the yogic approach to manifesting your desires from the deepest, most powerful layers of consciousness. In this course, you learn the advanced meditation practice prescribed by Patanjali for developing the siddhis, samyama. You are introduced to the formulas Patanjali discovered for developing a number of specific siddhis. The result will be greatly increased clarity, energy, intuition, and incipient development of the siddhis.


Siddhis 2 course takes off where Siddhis 1 ends, to develop more advanced siddhis that integrate the power of consciousness into the physical body itself, for instance levitation.


Would you like to become an instrument to uplift and enrich the lives of others, while vastly accelerating your own growth? Consider becoming a teacher of Effortless Mind meditation, personally trained 1:1 by Ajayan. There is an age-old adage that the teacher gains more than the student, and it is so true, profoundly so for a teacher of meditation.