Effortless Mind Meditation


Siddha by Ajayan and Effortless Mind meditation.

Exploring all possibilities

You may have heard of legendary supernormal abilities of advanced yogis. Such legends abound not only in yogic traditions, but in many religious traditions around the world. Christianity, for instance is full of such references, from Christ himself walking on water and performing other miracles, to St. Francis, St. Teresa of Avila, and others levitating. India’s Yogic tradition is unique, however, in that it presents a systematic means to master such abilities, known as siddhis.

This is not an exercise in idle curiosity or attraction to the sensational. Rather, developing the siddhis through the practice of samyama develops prajñā, the light of spiritual wisdom that is a major milestone on the path to enlightenment. Patanjali did not dedicate a full quarter of his Yoga Sutras to sensationalism; the siddhis are part and parcel of the traditional path of Yoga towards liberation. What’s more, the siddhis represent the activation of the profound potentiality of consciousness, which is infinite, ALL possibilities.

In Siddha membership, we will explore this most esoteric knowledge as expounded by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras, to refine and deepen the experience of samyama. Though esoteric, this development is most practical in enabling you to manifest your desires. It is also profoundly effective in fully integrating higher consciousness, to realize the high ideal of a fully enlightened Siddha Yogi. Siddha membership represents the pinnacle of living all possibilities through meditation.

Note: To join Siddha membership, you must first complete the following courses, upon which the Siddha membership sessions and practices build:

Siddha membership

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