Effortless Mind Meditation


Jnana by Ajayan and Effortless Mind meditation.

Unfolding life's blissful possibilities

Over the years of teaching, I’ve discovered that many people cannot relate to the term “bliss.” In fact, quite a few have told me they don’t really know what bliss is or what it feels like. I hope that is not the case for you, but even if it is, take heart; bliss is well within your reach. In fact, it is right here, in Ananda, ripe for the taking. (Ananda means bliss.)

Joe Davis
Embedded Software Analyst, Boeing
25-Year Meditator

“The techniques I received from Ajayan are perhaps the most blissful and useful of any I have experienced in over 25 years of seeking. When I practice them, they provide me with instant relief from tiredness, depression, irritability, and the like. More importantly, though, they truly awaken an experience of Ultimate Truth, which is indescribably exquisite, joyful, and simple.

“At first I had a tendency to think ‘This will never work,’ but was I wrong! After meditating, I feel so much energy filling my body that it’s actually hard not to be constantly smiling. There are no words to do justice to the bliss that these practices produce, they take one to a place so beautiful. This is truly where all meditation should have gone by now (given the years of practice.) It’s almost indescribable. And this degree of sophistication and elegance in transcendental matters is prevalent throughout any teaching Ajayan offers.”

Everyone knows what anxiety, depression, anger are. Why should we not know what bliss is?

The truth is that bliss is much closer to our nature than any of those other feelings. As the ancient seers declared, bliss IS our nature. It is the very nature of existence. 

How can this be, you may ask.

Even though the world of matter does not appear to be energy, modern Physics has revealed that all matter actually is energy.  Matter appears inert, yet deep within it, matter is pure, immense energy. Much like that, despite what our common experience of ourselves may be, deep within, our nature is pure bliss and love, even though we may have rarely glimpsed it.

This is what meditation is about: it is the age-old, time-tested spiritual practice by which we may dive deep within and discover our true nature.  That’s why it’s been around for thousands of years in nearly every spiritual tradition on the planet. Whereas the practices in Shanti membership unfold the peace and calm of our inner nature, the more advanced practices of Ananda membership unfold the blissfulness of our nature. And not just bliss, but ALL that is hidden deep within you, such as pure creative intelligence, as well as enhanced intuition.

So are you ready to discover and integrate bliss, creative intelligence, and greater intuition into your life? 

You have nothing to lose, because like Shanti, Ananda comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Ananda membership

$25 monthly, or $185 yearly (only $15.42/mo)