Effortless Mind Meditation

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Effortless Mind® meditation

An elegantly simple, effective mantra meditation. Have you tried to meditate and didn't think you could do it? Doubt no more. Right from your first sitting, you’ll experience deep relaxation and stress melting away. And within days of regular practice, you’ll begin to enjoy the many scientifically verified benefits of meditation. If you're new to meditation, this is the place to start.

Why Effortless Mind?

So easy anyone can do it
"From my first meditation with Ajayan, I experienced an ecstasy that is simply indescribable. This meditation is so sublimely natural and effortless. I never dreamed it could be like this. The words that came to my mind were, 'Eureka! This is it! This is what I’ve been searching for!' Thank you!"
—Marsha Holden
Transform yourself!
"Thank you for the wonderful meditation class. I’ve never been so relaxed and content after one single day of doing anything!"
—Frances Lorentz

"The meditation cleansed my soul and mind and gave me a new meaning of relaxing and letting go….."
—Nelly Some
"I learned more effective meditation techniques at Ajayan’s weekend retreat than months of learning with other teachers and methods. If you’re serious about improving the quality of your life, learn from the best to be the best possible you."
—Susie A.

Deep within you is a field of pure...

...creativity, intelligence, energy, joy, and love. Meditation is the timeless means to access and live your full human potential. Whether you are a beginner or expert meditator, our meditation memberships help you live your highest Self.
The perfect place to start if you are new to meditation. Beginning and intermediate instruction to give you the deepest meditations every sitting. Say goodbye to anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Gain peace and relaxation and begin to activate your full potential.
Take your meditations to a whole new level with powerful practices from Tantric, bhakti, and Advaitic traditions. Purifies all layers of your being so the bliss of the Self illumines your mind, heart, and body. Begins to unfold your unlimited creative intelligence and love.
Jñāna, the online space for enlightenment, for those dedicated to life's highest goal. These practices specifically develop awareness of the divine universal Self, both within and without, to develop unity consciousness, the fulfillment of heart and mind.
Are you intrigued by consciousness as a field of all possibilities? (All means ALL!) Join Siddha to explore the full creative power of your awareness. Manifest your desires, develop profound intuition, and live fully integrated higher consciousness.

Featured advanced courses

Our advanced courses allow you to take a deep dive into specific forms of meditation. Enjoy expert, clear, compassionate video instruction you can't get anywhere else. Here are our most popular advanced courses:

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Book a private appointment with Ajayan to learn meditation 1:1 on Zoom or in-person. You can also be initiated into a personal mantra, or, if you already have a mantra, into an advanced personal mantra.

Video Blog

Check out our video blog of Ajayan speaking on a number of topics related to meditation. Learn tips to improve your meditations, the mechanics of performing siddhis (yogic supernormal abilities), how to unlock your inner genius, all about Soma, the nectar of immortality, and more.

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