Effortless Mind Meditation

Tantric Microcosmic Orbit

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Let us begin building towards a deeper level of experience of the chakras.

The technique taught here is a yogic or Tantric version of an ancient Taoist meditation called Microcosmic Orbit. If you have already heard of or practiced this technique, you will find some additional nuances here. This technique is preparatory, but still a valuable meditation in itself.

Before you listen to the instruction and guided meditation contained in the audio here, please take a few moments to study the following image of Muladhara, which depicts some additional detail described in brief in the audio. For a more complete description, see my notes below the image.



Notes on this image: (These notes are for those really interested in the philosophy behind Tantra; I hope that is everyone, but if you like, you can skip these.)

Mahakundali, or the great coiled power, is the divine feminine creative principle, Devi. She is the active “aspect” of Shiva (silent infinite consciousness, which is the unmanifest at the basis of creation) and is responsible for the creation of the universe. Starting from a state of Her natural oneness with Shiva or pure consciousness Itself, Devi as Maya (the capacity for illusion that enables the One to appear as if It were many, though it is ever One, pure, immutable infinite consciousness) begins creating the universe. She starts creating the subtle (mind and senses), then to the elements, space, air, fire, water, and earth. Thus all creation appears within Absolute Consciousness.

The grossest element is the earth element. Having reached this furthest end of creation (that is, having enabled abstract consciousness to appear as even so gross an element as earth), She comes to a state of rest, coiled in the final aspect of Her creation, the earth element. She now reposes around Shiva (the linga) within the human body in the muladhara chakra, the seat of the earth element. (And yes, if you’re an animal lover, within all bodies… 🙂 )

So having started from the cosmic state of Brahman, the source of the universe, Shiva and Shakti now abide as one in the microcosmic state of all bodies, within the muladhara chakra. Kundalini is tightly coiled around Shiva; that means She is actually one with Him. Now She (the creative power of the Divine) is to be awakened to rise through the subtle nadis (channels), the primary one being Shushumna. Thus begins the course of evolution whereby individuality realizes and merges again in Source, Absolute Consciousness.

Sushumna is the central channel represented in the image rising up. It is actually 3 channels, one within the other, rising up the spine: Shushumna is the outer layer; within this is Vajra; and within this is Citrani, as subtle as a strand of a spider’s web. The Kundalini Shakti travels up through citrani piercing all the chakras. Thus, going from earth through all the other elements and senses, through mind (in the ajna chakra), and uniting with Shiva in the Sahasrarapadma, the thousand-petaled lotus. (We will explore this more deeply in another technique.) So She traverses the full extent of Her creation to rest in Her Source again.

The Microcosmic Orbit cycles from Source (in the muladhara) to Source (in the Sahasrara), embuing every level of your Being with the Shakti/Consciousness.

Please enjoy this Tantric Microcosmic Orbit.

P.S. The slight echo in the sound is due to a problem with the equipment and processing. I have fixed this issue, but I apologize for the less than perfect sound quality…

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