Effortless Mind Meditation

This page gives you an overview of all the membership levels and courses you’ll find on this site. It also explains the relationship between the membership levels and the various courses, which work together to bring you the very best, world-class instruction in meditation, from beginners through the most advanced meditation practices.


Membership levels

Ajayan’s meditation memberships are the ideal way to receive meditation instruction through prerecorded video and audio sessions. In addition to instruction, they include a rich variety of guided meditations, and live Zoom sessions, so you can stay in touch with Ajayan and get answers to all your questions as they arise in your ongoing practice. These levels enable you to explore all possibilities through meditation, from beginner through expert level.

Membership level


Courses & prerequisites for this level


The perfect start to your meditation practice! Thorough beginning and intermediate meditation instruction to give you the deepest meditations every sitting. All you need to learn and explore the depths of meditation and get all of its benefits. 

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Shanti means peace. These practices bring peace, calm, deep rest and relaxation. They reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, and all symptoms of stress. They also increase mental clarity and begin to open the heart.

Ideal for beginners or experienced meditators who want to learn meditation or deepen their practice.

All three of these courses and many other guided meditations are included in the Shanti membership, as well as regular live sessions.

No prerequisites.


Includes Shanti and Ananda membership levels.

In addition to all Shanti content, offers advanced guided meditations to explore all possibilities through meditation. 

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Ananda means bliss. The practices of this level and its recommended courses purifies all layers of your being so the bliss of the Self illumines your mind, heart, and body. Also begins to unfold your unlimited creative intelligence and love. Chakra-opening and some nondual practices.

Ideal for serious meditators who want to get the most from every sitting. 

These courses are not included in Ananda. They are highly recommended to complement Ananda but are not required.

No prerequisites.


Includes Shanti, Ananda, and Jñana membership levels.

Jñana provides continuing instruction based on the Brahmajñana course. 

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Jñana means knowledge, especially knowledge of the universal Self. The practices and course for this level specifically develop awareness of the Self, both within and without, to develop unity consciousness, enlightenment. 

Ideal for meditators dedicated to achieving enlightenment.

These courses are not included in Jñana. They are all prerequisites, because Jñana continues instruction based on these courses.


Siddha level stands alone.  Focuses on practices of the third chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, to fully integrate the creative power of consciousness into mind and body.

Provides continuing instruction based on the Siddhis 1 and 2 courses. 

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Siddha means one who is perfected and/or has supernatural yogic powers. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras details attaining both perfection and yogic powers, or siddhis. Siddha refines and deepens the practice of samyama to gain mastery of the siddhis. 

Ideal for those committed to exploring the full creative power of consciousness.

Siddhis 1 & 2 are not included in Siddha but are both prerequisites, because Siddha continues instruction based on these courses. The following courses are highly recommended but not required:


The following courses are designed for a deep dive into specific aspects or methods of meditation, from beginner through advanced levels.


Description & prerequisites

Effortless Mind 1

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This beginning mantra meditation is the foundation of all the other courses on the site. A perfect start for beginners to a deep, relaxing meditation practice. Learn to fall into meditation effortlessly, every time. So easy, anyone can do it! Standalone course or included in Shanti membership. No prerequisites.

Effortless Mind 2

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Applies the principles of Effortless Mind 1 to a profound yet easy chakra meditation. Also includes instruction in practices to activate and tone the energetic body, which greatly deepen meditation. Only available in the Shanti membership. No prerequisites.

Toning the energetic body

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Over the centuries, India’s yogis developed practices aimed at activating and balancing the energies in the pranic or energetic body. These techniques open your experience to a much deeper level of meditation. This course instructs in the most important of these traditional practices. Only available in the Shanti membership. No prerequisites.

Deep chakra work

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Siddha means one who is perfected and/or has supernatural yogic powers. The practices of this level are based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which detail attaining both perfection and yogic powers, or siddhis. Samyama is the key practice.

Prerequisites to join the Siddha membership level are:

  • Siddhis 1
  • Siddhis 2