"Experience deep peace and relaxation, and reverse the harmful effects of stress and aging–effortlessly."

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Meditation Classes

Ease is the key to meditation.

meditate with easeAre you interested in learning to meditate, but worried that you won’t be able to do it? Do you think your mind is too busy, or you simply have no concentration? You are not alone. But the good news is that such concerns arise from misconceptions about meditation.

Himalayan Retreat

Meditate at the source of the Ganga

Those joining us for this sacred journey will experience much more than an ordinary tourist sight-see. Our intent is a relaxed but focused 14-day pilgrimage to the Source of the Ganga high in India’s Himalayas, one of the great remote spiritual centers of the world.

Weekend Meditation Retreats

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Weekend meditation retreats create miracles

You will not believe how you feel at the end of a 3-day weekend retreat: profoundly rested, restored, and inspired. It is no exaggeration to say a three-day retreat equals months of regular meditation at home in terms of the benefits you will gain.