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Jnana is the path of knowledge. Knowledge of what? Knowledge of the Supreme Self, Universal Consciousness, the One Reality that underlies all this manifold existence of the universe. Jnana is both the state of the Self abiding Itself, inclusive of all time and space—everything seen as only the infinite Self—and also a path to realize That. Jnana is a direct means to realize the universal Self, Brahman. As such, the character of meditation on the path of Jnana emphasizes:


  • Discriminating between what is Real and everlasting and what is unreal in that it is ever changing.
  • Affirming the Real and discarding the unreal.

The path of Jnana requires a very refined intellect and consciousness. It is usually considered appropriate only for very advanced spiritual aspirants, after practicing meditation and other spiritual disciplines for many years. Try these meditations. If they move you and put you into a deep state of pure Being, then clearly you’re ready!

Om shanti, shanti, shantihi…

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